Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is an electrical therapy that uses minute amounts of electricity in a unique way that allows the practitioner to "tune" therapy to specific conditions and tissues. The current used is essentially the same intensity that the body uses to communicate with itself via nerves and muscle function. This level of current seems to be the most harmonious with the body and can serve to restore normal balance and integrity in the tissues treated.

The therapy uses combinations of frequencies, which can be specifically applied to a wide range of disorders. While most treatments are focused on typical musculoskeletal  conditions such as nerve pain, neuropathy, muscular trigger points, disc injuries and the like, there are also wider applications that can effectively treat a wide variety of conditions. Many conditions that have been difficult to treat by more conventional means can often be helped with FSM.

The treatment itself is painless, as current at this level is imperceptible. Results can often be rapid, however the speed of response is dependent upon the nature of the condition. The effects are long-lasting and frequently  permanent.

"In my 20 years in medicine, I have never experienced any treatment or therapy that provides relief and results as quickly as Frequency Specific Microcurrent. I have been amazed and pleased."
 – Robert Lerman, MD, PhD

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